Why Engaging With Home Cooks Is Key to the Success of Your Kitchen Business

By connecting with existing communities of appliance owners, manufacturers can unlock many benefits to support their long-term success. In this blog post, we explore why engaging with home cooks is crucial for building brand loyalty, increasing the lifetime value of appliances, and sustaining business growth.

The rapid advancement of smart technology has transformed our daily lives. Home cooks are increasingly seeking intelligent solutions that solve their everyday challenges in the kitchen and make cooking effortless and rewarding. The days of relying on non-connected and non-smart products are fading, as they no longer meet the expanding demands of consumers.

The Power of Smart Appliances for Customer Engagement and Business Growth

Non-connected and non-smart products offer few, if any, opportunities to connect with consumers after the point of sale. Social media and other marketing strategies can help brands reach customers, but they are costly, and it’s challenging to keep users engaged in a sea of content from competing brands.

Smart technology adds capabilities that are impossible to provide with non-connected or non-smart appliances. These advanced features enhance the kitchen experience and enable appliance brands to forge meaningful and ongoing connections with home cooks. From the moment of purchase and throughout the entire lifecycle of the appliance, brands can actively engage with customers.

Here are the ways smart technology empowers brands to directly connect with  customers and drive business growth:

Personalized connections: Integrating branded recipe and cooking apps with smart technology enhances user experience by enabling personalized interactions that cater to individual needs. These interactions provide tailored content based on preferences, locations, and historical activity, deepening the bond of trust between consumers and the brand.

For example, if consumers search for and cook quick and easy one-pot meals, the app can suggest time-efficient recipes that match this meal type.

Consumer-centric experiences: Smart kitchen technology simplifies and enhances cooking, helping home cooks save time and energy so they can focus on other priorities. The true value of smart technology is its ability to solve the everyday challenges of home cooks in the kitchen and make cooking effortless and rewarding.

Guided cooking, like that provided by Fresco's user experience, helps home cooks follow any recipe with automatic appliance control, guaranteeing a consistently good outcome and helping them save time in the process. Happy home cooks also become engaged and loyal appliance owners, leading to more business opportunities.  They tend to use their appliances more frequently and take advantage of their full range of capabilities to achieve consistent results with minimal effort.

For example, users with smart appliances on the Fresco KitchensOS platform are 3x more likely to return to the app than those with non-connected devices.

Data-driven insights:  Smart appliances enable brands to gather valuable information on how home cooks use and enjoy their products long after the initial sale. Cooking apps, particularly those which allow for connected and smart cooking, provide a wealth of insights, including:

  • Appliance usage and functionalities
  • Frequency of appliance use
  • Recipes searched and cooked
  • Ingredients used

By leveraging this valuable information, appliance brands can personalize content and deliver targeted communications to their consumers.

For example, if a home cook regularly bakes cakes in their smart oven, the appliance brand can send them tailored recipes and promotional offers for new attachments or pans based on their baking behavior.

Moreover, this data is valuable for informing product research and development initiatives. Understanding which features are frequently utilized allows brands to innovate and create even better products in the future.

For instance,  if brands can see a specific function that is consistently popular among users, they can allocate resources to expand the range of recipes compatible with that feature.

Return on investment: Smart technology opens up new opportunities for generating additional revenue. These include premium subscription-based services and the ability to cross-sell and upsell through push notifications, in-app messages, and other forms of activation.

For example, a brand can promote exclusive offers and discounts on premium ingredients, a recipe library curated by chefs, cooking utensils, or upgraded models of their appliances.

With smart technology, brands can increase interest in their products, enhance user experience, directly connect with their customers, and gather usage insights to develop even better appliances and experiences in the future.

Fresco, the all-in-one smart kitchen platform, combines the key ingredients to unlock the value of smart appliances for home cooks and manufacturers. It achieves this by merging IoT appliance control and app development with smart recipes and engagement tools, empowering manufacturers to connect with their consumers and provide personalized content and solutions.

If you’re interested in learning why now is the time to invest in smart kitchen technology, click below to access our free white paper.

Lauren Kemp Gallagher
Lauren Kemp Gallagher
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Lauren Kemp Gallagher
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