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At Fresco, we understand that people are what makes food great. Our mission is to make cooking effortless and rewarding by connecting dots in the kitchen.

Our story to date.

Since 2013, we've been working to help home cooks make food more.

  • 2012

    Drop was founded in Dublin, Ireland


    Drop Scale is available in Apple stores in the US and Canada


    Drop forms its first partnership with an appliance maker, Bosch.

  • 2020

    Drop raises $13.3 million in Series A funding


    The Fresco app is live in 141 countries


    The number of appliances connected by Fresco

  • 60

    The number of employees worldwide


    Drop rebrands to Fresco


    The number of appliance brands that have partnered with Fresco

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Ben Harris

CEO & co-founder
  • Fresco HQ

  • Fresco Spain