Smart assistance for every home cook.

Fresco makes cooking easy and rewarding with a step-by-step guide and cross-brand experience where recipes and appliances work perfectly together. Through a powerful smart cooking assistant, cooking new dishes is just as intuitive as the weekly staples, with consistently good results.

Simplify everyday cooking.

Create magic for your customers at every meal with Fresco's smart cooking assistant. Build their confidence with guided cooking and give time back with real-time monitoring. Cooking any dish becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Connect every appliance.

Home cooks use multiple appliances and brands when preparing meals. With Fresco, your customers can use one account to control and manage all of their appliances for the most seamless experience.

Build brand loyalty.

Get to know your customers and their preferences while facilitating daily interactions with your brand. Share relevant recipes and helpful tips that drive brand loyalty and allow them to unlock more value from their appliances.

Trusted by the world’s leading appliance brands...

  • Bosch Home Appliances
    Bosch Home Appliances
  • Electrolux Household Appliances
    Electrolux Household Appliances
  • GE Appliances
    GE Appliances
  • Instant Brands Home Appliances
    Instant Brands Home Appliances
  • Kenwood Kitchen Appliances
    Kenwood Kitchen Appliances
  • LG Home Appliances
    LG Home Appliances
  • Panasonic Kitchen Appliances
    Panasonic Kitchen Appliances

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Inspire daily cooking with Fresco’s smart cooking assistant.

Help your customers achieve better results with less effort. By bringing recipes and appliances together through a smart cooking assistant, customers can unlock the full value of their appliances and feel inspired to cook more at home.

  • Guided Cooking.

    Step-by-step instructions and ingredient reminders make it easy to follow any recipe.

    • An ingredient checklist allows home cooks to tick off everything they need before getting started.

    • The smart steps send the correct timers, temperatures, and settings to the appliance automatically.

  • Smart Presets.

    Home cooks can save preferred settings for their most frequently cooked dishes as custom presets.

    • Save preferred settings for frequently cooked dishes as custom presets.

    • These presets can then be accessed as shortcuts in My Kitchen.

  • Real-Time Monitoring.

    Home cooks can follow what’s happening with their appliances in real-time so they never miss a step.

    • Appliance updates are delivered as in-app messages, push notifications, and lock screen widgets.

    • The status of multiple appliances can be monitored simultaneously.

Create a meaningful branded experience.

With a branded mobile app, you benefit from all of the features of Fresco's smart cooking assistant in your own branded showcase, built and managed by Fresco's team.

  • Appliance Education

  • Content Partnerships

  • Integrated Marketing

Make cooking possible, anywhere.

Fresco's smart cooking experience is designed to work seamlessly across any device they choose. From mobile phones and appliance screens, to wearables and tablets, Fresco creates a consistent experience for home cooks wherever they need it.

  • Mobile Apps

  • On Appliance

  • Smart Screens

  • Wearables

Create simplicity across the kitchen

Fresco brings the world's leading appliance brands together into one neutral platform, creating seamless control across appliances and brands. This not only simplifies everyday cooking for your customers, but also accelerates the adoption of smart appliances to grow the industry and drive revenue.

Everything you need to deliver a cooking experience.

  • Smart Cooking Assistant

  • Branded Mobile Apps

  • Multi Modal Control

  • Smart Recipes

  • Cross-Brand Control

  • Integrated Marketing

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