KitchenOS - The most complete smart kitchen platform.

Accelerate your smart kitchen strategy and deliver cost-effective and innovative smart appliances at scale. As the leading cross-brand platform, Fresco’s KitchenOS helps you get to market faster than the competition and brings greater value to your customer’s daily cooking.

All-in-one solution.

From firmware and cloud management to app development and recipe creation, Fresco's end-to-end platform equips your team with everything needed to deliver your smart kitchen strategy.

Unlock time and cost savings.

With Fresco's standardized integration, we can onboard your appliances in as little as 2 weeks and deliver a seamless connected cooking experience with more than 60% cost savings compared to developing an in-house solution.

Accelerate innovation.

Leapfrog the competition by integrating with Fresco's platform and benefit from cutting-edge AI innovation and patented smart cooking technology that will revolutionize your appliances to deliver greater value.

Trusted by the world’s leading appliance brands...

  • Bosch Home Appliances
    Bosch Home Appliances
  • Electrolux Household Appliances
    Electrolux Household Appliances
  • GE Appliances
    GE Appliances
  • Instant Brands Home Appliances
    Instant Brands Home Appliances
  • Kenwood Kitchen Appliances
    Kenwood Kitchen Appliances
  • LG Home Appliances
    LG Home Appliances
  • Panasonic Kitchen Appliances
    Panasonic Kitchen Appliances

The unified smart kitchen.

Fresco's KitchenOS is the only platform that brings the world's leading appliance brands together into one open ecosystem, creating seamless cooking experiences across appliances and brands.

Transformative innovation.

Gain access to AI-powered technology and deliver more intelligent cooking experiences. With Fresco, your customers will be able to adapt any recipe in real time to fit their needs. Whether scaling up the serving size, swapping out ingredients, or providing assistance with an unfamiliar cooking technique, Fresco will personalize their experience at every step without compromising on the results.

Get connected in as little as 2 weeks

With Fresco's standardized integration, you can onboard your appliances in as little as 2 weeks, connecting you with your customers faster than any other solution. Even better, you can deliver this end-to-end experience at a 60% cost-saving versus building an in-house solution.

Instant Brands’ Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid was onboarded to KitchenOS within five weeks, and in the same month, the Instant Solo Wifi Connect was onboarded in just two weeks.

Choose your integration option

The best way to get up and running with your smart products is with our two plug-and-play firmware options for integrating appliances;

If you have specific requirements for integrating with your existing solutions, please get in touch.

Insights with impact.

With Fresco’s insights tool, you can create a complete picture of how your customers cook with their appliances with a personalized data dashboard. You can then leverage these insights to inform product roadmap and other strategic business decisions that empower you to build the best appliances.

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Everything you need to deliver smart appliances.

  • Standardized IoT

  • App Development

  • Cross-Brand Ecosystem

  • Cloud Management

  • Appliance Data Insights

  • 24/7 Platform Support

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