Powerful and effortless recipe creation.

Build a catalog of recipes and optimize them effortlessly to work with all of your appliances. With Fresco's recipe solution, you can deliver infinite smart recipes to your customers, adapt them to different regions, and motivate daily cooking with your appliances.

Optimize recipes in seconds.

Import, create, and manage any recipe and make it compatible with your appliances in seconds. Your customers can enjoy their favorite recipes, and plenty of new ones, time and time again.

Gain cooking insights.

Discover which recipes your customers are searching for and cooking the most with Fresco's kitchen insights. Use this knowledge to inform your content strategy, appliance capability roadmap, and more.

Expand Internationally - fast.

Expand into international markets faster with Fresco's recipe solution and localization capability. Seamlessly translate ingredients and unit conversions to fit customers' needs.

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Ben Harris

CEO & Co-founder at Fresco

Write once, cook anywhere.

Home cooks use multiple appliances when preparing meals, meaning recipes have to be rewritten and re-coded with each new appliance added to your roadmap. Fresco's capability model solves this problem by making your recipes smart. You can optimize a recipe for any cooking mode and make it usable across new and existing products that match those capabilities.

  • Write

  • Control

  • Optimize

Create and manage your recipes effortlessly

Fresco’s content management system (CMS) provides a seamless and intuitive workflow for you to import, create, and manage your smart recipe catalog. You will be up and running in minutes with everything from automatic ingredient translations and unit conversions to multi-platform publishing.

  • Import

  • Localize

  • Share

  • Enhance

Content, reimagined.

  • Cook with all brands

  • Leverage unique recipe insights

  • Enhance their cooking journey

Join a growing content ecosystem

Fresco has created an open ecosystem of appliance brands and recipe developers to create a more unified and seamless experience for everyone. If you need help sourcing quality recipes and creating exclusive partnerships, we can support you by bringing you into our growing community.

If you are a content creator or recipe publisher interested in joining our platform, we’d love to hear from you.

Everything you need for a smart recipe catalog.

  • CMS

  • Smart Recipes

  • Recipe Data Insights

  • Multi-Appliance Control

  • Recipe Localization

  • Integrated Marketing Tool

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