Thanks to our team’s unbeatable expertise, collaborative nature, and love of good food, we’re making it easier than ever to serve your favorites in the kitchen.

Open jobs.

We’re growing fast and evolving constantly, giving our people the opportunity to grow fast with us. If you’re interested in joining our team, apply for one of our open roles.

Our people.

Meet just some of the people who make Fresco a wonderful place to work.

  • Dublin, Ireland

    Alison Trueick, Senior Marketing Manager

    There is a unique and motivating sense of purpose evident throughout the team that energizes you each day.

  • Dublin

    Bébhinn Whelan, Head of People Operations

    I love how the concept of true collaboration and shared success is baked into the company’s DNA in such a natural, positive way.

  • Dublin, Ireland

    Chris Fleming, VP of Finance

    Once in a lifetime, you get to be a part of a team like this. At Fresco, we're building something truly innovative and exciting.

  • Wrocław, Poland

    Aleksandra Klimek, Lead Product Marketing Manager, Content

    We know how to celebrate our wins and recognition is a big part of the company culture at Fresco.

  • Wisconsin, USA

    Haley Mueller, Global Account Manager

    I am constantly impressed by the amount of passion I witness on a daily basis from everyone I work with at Fresco.

  • Dublin, Ireland

    Mark Kelly, VP of Consumer Marketing

    The opportunity with Fresco is immense. We're pioneering an industry and uncompromising on creating something valuable for our users.


We believe in rewarding our people inside and outside of work with our range of benefits.

  • All the trimmings

    Our benefits package includes comprehensive healthcare, pension scheme access, and generous paid family leave to ensure you’re taken care of.

  • Balance beyond flavors

    Just like the flavors in our kitchen, we understand that balance is essential. Get 24 paid annual leave days and the option to work from anywhere for 1 month per year.

  • Home comforts

    Work from home for up to 3 days per week and enjoy our collaborative workspace when in the office. We’ll make sure you have your ideal setup for both.

  • Celebrate the journey

    Just like when preparing a delicious dish, you need to stop and enjoy the journey. From cook alongs to whiskey tastings, we celebrate the big and little wins.

  • Share our success

    Our stock options ensure that we all benefit from Fresco’s success. We’ll also help you with your own long-term planning with a professional development stipend.

  • Moving made easier

    If you’re relocating to join us in Dublin, we’ll assist you with relocation and logistic costs. Making things easier is our philosophy after all.


Our values help us navigate our interactions with our home cooks, partners, and each other.

  • Foster mutual trust and respect

    We nurture ideas and allow them to grow. We offer solutions instead of shutting off thought processes and keep criticism constructive. And above all, we trust each other to do a great job.

  • Share your views, listen to others’

    Anyone can influence how we run our company. Everyone should be eager to hear feedback, and be ready to show action against that feedback. We're stronger together.

  • Care deeply about customer experience

    Everything we do should reflect our respect and understanding of great design and great customer experiences. We put our users front and center and build products that make their lives easier.

  • Be effective, not busy

    We optimize the time we spend reaching a shared goal. We focus on the root cause, rather than symptoms and drive to reach completion.

  • Bias for action

    We act in the best interest of our home cook, our team, and our company. We take ownership of problems and don’t wait for someone else to do it. When we act, we win, or we learn.

  • Think big, start small

    Just build it. Fail fast, learn, and adapt. Half of our ideas won't work, and the ones that do will take several iterations. We make what we believe is right and learn from our mistakes.

  • Ruthlessly prioritize

    We use our time on what is most important, not what is most urgent, and are comfortable saying no to attractive distractions.

  • Now we’re cooking

    We practice what we preach. We use Fresco at the office and at home to test, experiment, and taste delicious food.

Employee Resource Groups.

As part of our mission to improve everyone’s sense of belonging in the workplace, we have created Employee Resource Groups @ Fresco. ERGs give our people a space to come together and discuss shared experiences.

  • Women @ Fresco

    Women @ Fresco is a space for women and allies to connect, share experiences, and build a sense of community, both within our company and with the expanded Women in Tech network.

  • Advocacy @ Fresco

    Advocacy @ Fresco is a place to examine and improve our existing policies and lead on new ones that make our workplace more equitable and inclusive.