Fresco Launches KitchenOS & New Consumer Experience.

Fresco is excited to announce the launch of KitchenOS, the all-in-one connected kitchen platform for appliance brands and home cooks. The first iteration of the new experience is available on the Instant Brands Connect app.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our all-in-one smart kitchen platform, KitchenOS. Over the last year, our team has worked tirelessly to deliver on our promise to make perfect cooking simple and empower our partners to unlock the value of their appliances through our solutions.

KitchenOS combines all of the building blocks to unlock the full value of connected appliances, from IoT appliance control and branded app development to smart recipes and engagement tools. KitchenOS makes cooking effortless and rewarding for home cooks while enabling manufacturers to connect with customers and send personalized content, informed by how they use their appliances.

"Many smart interfaces have been created for the kitchen, with each manufacturer and appliance taking a unique approach. However, this has caused the connected kitchen to become fragmented, with few experiences providing additional value to home cooks beyond the ability to start and stop an appliance from their phones," said CEO and co-founder of Fresco, Ben Harris.

Ben Harris, Fresco's CEO & co-founder

After 12 months of user research and testing, we identified the most common challenges faced by home cooks and the subsequent solutions that solve them. They want; confidence in the results of every recipe, clarity in the instructions along the way; and a sense of control when interacting with their appliances. Now, with Fresco's guided cooking, multi-appliance control, easy recipe discovery, and universal user experience, home cooks can easily achieve perfect results regardless of their skill level. They also get access to a growing ecosystem of appliance manufacturers for seamless control of all of their appliances, across brands, and top recipe publishers to ensure high-quality content.

The Instant Pot Pro Plus is the first appliance to launch on the KitchenOS platform and will soon be joined by many Fresco-connected appliances. As more manufacturers and appliances are added to our platform, users will be able to use one Fresco account to access and control all of their connected appliances on any interface that fits with their cooking flow, from smartphones and appliance screens to smart speakers and smart home assistants.

You can see the new experience in action, powered by Fresco’s platform, on the Instant Brands Connect app.

Fresco also provides a dedicated team of experts tasked with onboarding appliance manufacturers and helping them reduce the time, complexity, and cost of launching smart appliances.

For more information on how you can join the Fresco platform, get in touch.