Drop becomes Fresco.

We are delighted to announce that Drop has become Fresco. After a year-long rebranding process, our brand now better reflects our promise to connect dots in the kitchen to make cooking effortless.

What started with the Drop scale has evolved to become an essential ingredient for every smart kitchen and the only technology that seamlessly brings appliances, home cooks, and recipes together.

In collaboration with our branding agency, Character, we created a brand that is rich, lively, and encapsulates the joy of cooking.

Why now?

Over the years, Drop has evolved from the most simple connected scale to a platform for connecting any appliance in your kitchen. Today, more than 100 different appliance models from brands like Bosch, Electrolux, GE Appliances, Kenwood, LG Electronics, and Thermomix can be controlled from the Fresco KitchenOS platform.

To reflect our new identity, we needed to make a few changes to our brand to better connect to our community.

Ben Harris

Co-founder and CEO @ Fresco

Elements of our new brand identity include a new logo, which reflects our promise to “connect the dots”; a new color palette with rich, warm, and vibrant colors to represent the foods we see in our kitchen; and new graphic elements that emulate the actions we do when preparing food.

Why Fresco?

Just like al fresco dining became a way for us to connect during the pandemic, Fresco allows friends and family to come together to enjoy delicious food.

We wanted a name that embodied the joy of cooking and reminded us of the authentic moments before, during, and after a meal that make food great.

What does this mean for app users?

If you’re a user of the Drop Recipes app, don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your account in any way. You can simply log in to the rebranded Fresco app as always, and all of your collections and connections will be there.

What has changed is the look and feel of our brand, so the app will have a new name, logo, and branding. You should see the following app icon on your home screen where the Drop Recipes app used to be:

If you haven't updated the app already, please make sure to do so.

The core experience of our app will remain the same–smart recipes for smart appliances that allow you to get cooking in a flash. But just like your coffee pot, we’ve always got something brewing. We have some exciting additions coming down the line from your favorite household brands so keep informed by subscribing to our newsletter.

We’re humbled by all of our users who cook with Fresco and the appliance brands who partner with us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Don’t forget to follow our new Fresco account on Instagram and continue discovering delectable dishes.

Now we're cooking.