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Introducing your new personal sous chef, here to help you try new recipes or serve up your favorites. Download the app today and experience the magic of cooking with Fresco.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Pick a recipe.

    Choose a delicious recipe from your favorite blogger or website within the app.

  • 2

    Make it yours.

    Web recipes are converted into our smart recipe format, making it effortless to cook at home.

  • 3

    Cook it up.

    We send the right instructions to your appliance at the right time so all you have to do is follow the steps and enjoy.


Here are some of the smart features that will make it easier than ever to cook food full-of-flavor.

  • Appliance Control

    Simply sync the smart appliances you have in your kitchen, and control them remotely from the Fresco app.

  • Recipe resizing

    Waste not, want not. Adjust the serving size up or down to suit your needs without altering the results.

  • Ingredient Substitutions

    Don't pass a recipe by because you're missing an ingredient. Do a custom rebuild by substituting with whatever you have to hand, and watch your recipe adjust instantly.

  • Recipes from the Web

    Bring in recipes from your favorite bloggers or search through the thousands we already have in the app.

  • Guided Cooking

    Our step-by-step guide is always prepping for what’s ahead, automatically offering tips, and activating steps letting you stay in the moment.

  • Organized Shopping

    Create a shopping list that includes all the ingredients and amounts you need for your customized recipe with one tap.

Fresco app reviews.

Some love from the people that matter most–our home cooks.

  • Best app for my appliances

    With all the appliances I have in my kitchen, this app has all the recipes I and my family need. I use it for Instant Pot dinners, air fryer snacks, and Thermomix quick breakfasts and lunches.

    ola z pola, iOS
  • Super app–so easy to use & contains tonnes of recipes

    Really enjoying this app and getting even more use during lockdown! I find it really helpful and intuitive and the range of recipes is fantastic. Especially useful for Thermomix users.

    JessBer11, iOS
  • Easiest to follow recipe app

    The best guided-cooking app you can find out there! I am using it with my beloved Thermomix, it is just magical.

    Wan Luo Thu, iOS
  • So user friendly!

    I love using this app. It's so user-friendly and I feel like it is teaching me to be a better cook! The recipes are inspiring and the app is sleekly designed! The support is second to none.

    DRam79, iOS
  • Love this App.

    I have a Thermomix and I especially love the recipes in the Fresco app. There are so many choices and I really like the recipes by Tenina. The step-by-step instructions are super helpful. 5-star

    Mayday6, iOS
  • A must for Instant Pot users.

    Great selection of recipes with lovely photographs and step-by-step methods. Really tight integration with specific kitchen appliances too. A must if you have an Instant Pot or a smart oven.

    Dean Carroll, Android

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