Instant Pot Pro Plus.

The beloved Instant Pot, only smarter.

The Instant Pot Pro Plus is the first fully connected Instant Pot powered by Fresco. The latest multi-cooker reimagines the cooking experience, helping home cooks to reach a new level of easy cooking.

Controlled seamlessly by the Fresco app, choose from a library of smart recipes that will guide you through each step, automatically controlling the appliance at the right time, and ensuring perfect results, every time.

A smarter way of cooking.

Control your appliance from the Fresco app effortlessly, with a number of connected features like delay start and mobile monitoring, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having your very own sous chef.

Serve dinner in a flash.

Fresco allows you to control the appliance from within the recipe, making cooking faster than ever. Pre-heating is activated while you chop the ingredients and steam release happens when the rice is ready, helping you save time.


  • Smart Programs

  • Hands-free steam release

  • Delay Start

  • Customize your serving size

  • Notifications & mobile monitoring

  • Automatic updates

What to cook first.

Make the most of your Instant Pot Pro Plus with one of these delicious smart recipes.

Get started with the Instant Pot Pro Plus.

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