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The smartest way to engage with your customers.

Fresco’s smart kitchen platform combines appliance control and kitchen intelligence with a world-class user experience to deliver a simpler way of cooking at home. By combining your kitchen expertise with our end-to-end solution, we help you engage with your customers every time they cook.

Trusted by the world’s leading appliance manufacturers.

  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • GE Appliances
    GE Appliances
  • Instant Brands
    Instant Brands
  • Kenwood
  • LG Appliances
    LG Appliances
  • Panasonic
  • Thermomix

End-to-end solutions.

Fresco offers full-stack services for bringing connected experiences to your appliances.

  • Firmware support

    Leveraging our experience in powering smart appliances, we help you build valuable connected products. We also send updates wirelessly so users can continue to enjoy new ways of cooking.

  • Cloud management

    As part of Fresco’s platform, we set up, secure, and maintain your connected appliances on our cloud, freeing you up to focus on building them.

  • Mobile app

    Our mobile apps empower your customers with a connected cooking experience. Appliance control and a guided cooking format make cooking at home accessible and intuitive.

  • Intelligent recipe engine

    Combining AI with our connected recipe knowledge, we can transform any recipe into a smart recipe, helping you grow your catalog for any appliance.

  • Voice integration support

    With access to Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home, and Amazon’s Alexa, we help our partners bring a seamless voice-command experience to their appliances.

  • Engagement services

    We offer marketing packages to further engage your users, including personalized email and push notifications. Cross-sell, upsell, and educate your customers about what else you have to offer.

  • Appliance management

    Know where your smart appliances are, what version of software they are on, and more–helping you to deliver an exceptional service.

  • Consumer insights

    Learn in real-time from your customers’ behavior and use these insights to drive innovation. From how often the appliance is used to what is being cooked most.

  • Translation solution

    If you need to convert recipes into other languages, Fresco has a solution that your team can use to translate recipes for your home cooks.

  • Custom branding

    As the only neutral, cross-brand platform, Fresco allows you to maintain the look and feel of your brand your customers enjoy all of the features that come with the Fresco ecosystem.

Mark Welch

CEO of Kenwood

Why partner with Fresco?

  • The neutral, cross-brand experience.

    Fresco understands that no kitchen has appliances from a single brand so we've created a seamless way for consumers to interact across all of their appliances.

  • That extra hand you always kneaded.

    By leveraging our knowledge in bringing connected products to market, you can launch smart kitchen appliances faster, cheaper, and with a great user experience.

  • Lifelong customer engagement.

    By connecting your appliances with Fresco, you create lifelong opportunities to engage with your customers every time they cook.

  • Data-driven innovation.

    With data available on each connected appliance, you can create better product experiences and add real value for your customers.

Dr Robert Wang

Founder and Board Member at Instant Brands Inc™

Delight your customers.

Discover some of the features your consumers can enjoy as part of the Fresco app experience.

  • Guided cooking

    Fresco AI automatically makes recipe steps smart so home cooks can control the appliance from within the recipe.

  • Smart recipe library

    Your customers gain access to thousands of curated recipes or can bring in their own from their favorite websites.

  • Recipe resizing

    Users can adjust the serving size without altering the results–while always respecting the maximum capacity of the appliance.

  • Ingredient substitutions

    Home cooks can perform a custom rebuild of a recipe by substituting ingredients with whatever they have at home.

Ramona Wehlig

VP of Consumer Experiences at Thermomix

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